The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year posed major challenges for all of us. The Leuphana University of Lüneburg reacted quickly and switched to digital teaching early on.
As a reaction to these changed circumstances, Leuphana’s Professional School launched a digital video series, in which researchers from different disciplines held lectures on current topics.
ECAS’ Academic Directors James Conroy and Jörg Philipp Terhechte, the Academic Committee Members Markus Reihlen and Henrik von Wehrden as well as the Project Owners Ulf Wuggenig and Jelena Bäumler also participated in the video series with interesting topics, which you may watch below.
If you are interested in seeing other lectures check out the YouTube channel of Leuphana’s Professional School!

Leuphana Home Sessions #1:
Brauchen wir eine neue Verfassung? – Prof. Dr. Jörg Philipp Terhechte (in German)

Leuphana Home Sessions #2:
Krisenmanagement – Prof. Dr. Markus Reihlen (in German)

Leuphana Home Sessions #3:
Statistik in Zeiten von Corona – Prof. Dr. Henrik von Wehrden (in German)

Leuphana Home Sessions #9:
Kunst und Kunstmarkt in Zeiten der Krise – Apl. Prof. Dr. Ulf Wuggenig (in German)

Leuphana Home Sessions #26:
Der Covid-19-Impfstoff: Gleiches Recht für alle? – Prof. Dr. Jelena Bäumler (in German)

Leuphana Home Sessions #28:
Liminality and Democracy – Prof. Dr. James Conroy (in English)