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Academic Committee

The Academic Committee advises and assists the Management and the Shareholders’ Board in shaping ECAS’ academic agenda.

Members of The Academic Committee

Simone Abels


Prof. Dr. Simone Abels is Professor of science education and Vice President at the Leuphana University Lüneburg. Her research interests are in inclusive science education, inquiry-based learning, reflective teacher education and video-based professional development.

James Conroy


Prof. Dr. James Conroy is Professor of Religious and Philosophical Education (Pedagogy, Praxis & Faith) and Dean of Global Engagement for Europe at the Universitiy of Glasgow. He is also Academic Director of ECAS.

Gioia Falcone


Gioia Falcone is Rankine Chair of Energy Engineering at the
University of Glasgow, where she is the Director of the Glasgow Centre for Sustainable Energy, Associate Director of the Centre for Sustainable Solutions, Head of the Energy and Sustainability Research Group and member of the
University’s Sustainability Working Group. She champions the Sustainable Net-Zero challenge in engineering and beyond, with a particular interest in solutions
that bring together people, places and the environments. Between 2011 and early 2016, she held the Endowed Chair and Professorship in Geothermal Energy Systems and Head of the Department of Geothermal Engineering at Clausthal University of Technology, Lower Saxony.

Burkhardt Funk


Prof. Dr. Burkhardt Funk is professor for information systems at Leuphana University. His research interests encompass building statistical models and decision support systems based on methods from machine learning and Bayesian statistics in a variety of application contexts such as E-Health and E-Commerce.

Photo: Brinkhoff-Mögenburg/Leuphana

Erich Hörl



Prof. Dr. Erich Hörl is Professor of Media Culture and Media Philosophy.
His research focusses on the conceptualization of a general ecology as well as on the history, the problems and challenges of the contemporary technological condition.

Lorna Hughes


Prof. Dr. Lorna Hughes is Professor in Digital Humanities at the University of Glasgow, where she is based in the Information Studies Subject area. Her research focuses on the creation of digital cultural heritage, and the use and re-use of digital collections for research, teaching, and public engagement. She has a specific interest in the conceptualisation, development, implementation and categorisation of digital methods in the humanities, and the collaborations between the humanities and scientific disciplines that drive this agenda.

Klaus Kümmerer


Prof. Dr. Klaus Kümmerer is director of the Institute of Sustainable Chemistry and Professor of Sustainable Chemistry and Resources at Leuphana University and director of the ISC3 Research and Education Hub. His research includes Sustainable Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Sustainable Pharmacy, Green Pharmacy, Benign by Design, and Resource Use. 

Iain MacNeil


Prof. Dr. Iain MacNeil is the Alexander Stone Chair of Commercial Law at the University of Glasgow where he heads the research group on corporate and financial law. His research interests focus on a range of issues in corporate governance and financial regulation, including sustainable finance and the implications for the global legal order of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Belgin Okay–Somerville


Dr. Belgin Okay-Somerville is Senior Lecturer of Human Resource Management and School Director of Internationalisation at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, UK. Her research focuses on employability, skills utilisation and job quality, career transitions, chance events and employee wellbeing, especially among younger workers.

Markus Reihlen


Prof. Dr. Markus Reihlen is Professor of Strategic Management at Leuphana University Lüneburg. From 2010 to 2012 he was Graduate School Dean of Studies and from 2012 until 2020 Vice President responsible for the Leuphana Graduate School, Young Academics and Entrepreneurship.

Jörg Philipp Terhechte


Prof. Dr. Jörg Philipp Terhechte is Professor of Public, European and International Law at and Vice President of Leuphana
University Lüneburg.

Bridgette Wessels


Prof. Dr. Bridgette Wessels focuses broadly on the research of social and cultural change in the digital age and the dynamics of social inequalities in digital societies. For instance, she has undertaken research projects on social exclusion and digital divides, financial exclusion and the e-economy, social media and political inequality, health inequalities and telehealth, welfare services and (digital) identity, regional/digital journalism and participatory democracy, and e-policing, ethnicity and communities. She also focuses on cultural participation in the digital age. Debates about the ‘Fourth Industrial’ are framing her research on work, smart publics and 5G.