Lower Saxony – Scotland

In the past two years, ECAS has undertaken activities to support the project development between academics from higher education institutions in Lower Saxony and Scotland. It is ECAS’s goal to be a facilitator for bringing researchers from both regions closer together in order to generate new and excellent knowledge.

Below you will find the currently on-going projects between Lower Saxonian and Scottish researchers.

Live Art Data: New Strategies in Theatre Archiving

The objective of the trilateral project »Live Art Data« is to establish a sustainable network between three institutions in Scotland and Lower Saxony: the University of Glasgow, University of Hildesheim, and the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück.

BioCharCrust – Application of Biocrust Inoculum and Biochar for Soil Bioremediation

This project brings together scientists from the fields of physical soil amendments, namely, Biochar, and biological soil restoration in the context of induced biological soil crusts.