Dong Nguyen, Marcus Pietsch, and Sedat Gümüş have published an article titled “Collective teacher innovativeness in 48 countries: Effects of teacher autonomy, collaborative culture, and professional learning” in the journal of Teaching and Teacher Education. The article maps out the effects of teacher classroom autonomy, school culture and professional learning on collective teacher innovativeness. It suggests that a collaborative culture would encourage teachers to participate in integrated professional learning activities, and that collective participation in professional learning would enhance teachers’ collective innovativeness. The article can be found at this link.

Dr Dong Nguyen is Lecturer in Educational Leadership and Leader of the Master’s Programme in Educational Leadership at the University of Glasgow. Dr Marcus Pietsch is Professor for Educational Science at Leuphana University Lüneburg and holder of the “DFG Heisenberg-Professorship for Quantitative School Leadership Research”. Marcus and Dong met in 2017 on professional occasions and further cemented their research collaboration during the ECAS lunch at the ECER 2019. They are further exploring collaborative opportunities.