Young postdoctoral researchers often have a high mobility but are lacking a reliable network to get started with research stays and developing research projects with partners abroad. The Lower Saxony – Scotland Tandem Fellowship Programme is designed to support postdoctoral researchers (up to 10 years after finishing their PhD) in developing ties between the two regions. Fellows, who stay abroad in the partner region, are funded with 1.200 € per month (while remaining employed at the home university) for a period of up to 6 months. Either one or both of the partners should have a short stay abroad in the partner country (institution) for the purpose of the joint research project and do so within the timeframe of the project. While such a stay abroad is appreciated and encouraged, it is not a requirement that both tandem partners leave their home institution for a research stay.

“The Tandem Fellowship Programme strives for international cooperation on joint projects and the long-term objective of collaboration of researchers from institutions of both regions”, stated Ramona Tax, senior programme manager. Additionally, postdocs get to know the other institution in great depth during their stay and have a chance to enrich their network significantly. Postdoc researchers from 21 Lower Saxonian and 18 Scottish higher education institutions can participate in the programme. Furthermore, the Tandem Fellowship Programme is supported by ECAS through a fellow conference and other activities.

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